As part of the ISEA 2018 in Durban, South Africa, ATA has organized Hybrid Happenstances (40 degrees) workshops, with the support of the Prince Claus Fund and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. The aim is to develop Peruvian and South African cultural encounters mediated by art and technology to find connections and cross-pollinations. The workshops will be led by Cecilia Vilca and Francesco Mariotti, artists from different generations and working in different contexts. The main topics that will be discussed are: mobility of population (in and outside the countries), material culture, renaturalization and technological appropriation of high and low-tech solutions. Both artists will discuss their work processes and previous artwork and develop a community-based project along with the Durban community of artists, activists, scientists as well as general public. The workshops will result in installations by Cecilia Vilca and Francesco Mariotti later in the week.

About Francesco Mariotti «Fireflies Memorial» Workshop: http://ata.org.pe/2018/06/16/francesco-mariotti-isea-2018/

About Cecilia Vilca «Southern Identities» Workshop: http://ata.org.pe/2018/06/16/cecilia-vilca-isea-2018/

Workshop details at ISEA 2018 web: http://www.isea-international.org/isea2018/workshop/hybrid-happenstances-under-40-degrees/