Colectivo Aloardi’s Statement

Below we reproduce the statement prepared by the Aloardi Collective regarding the contents of the publication El Mañana was today. 21 years of video creation and electronic art in Peru, where mention is made of this group:

We hereby inform the community of friends of Collective Aloardi that in the publication “The Future Was Now. 21 Years of Video Art and Electronic art in Peru” (ATA, 2018. Bilingual edition) we observe missing and incorrect information regarding our credits and the credits and dates of two activities that are part of Aloardi’s curriculum. Below you can read these errors, with their respective corrections. The errors appear on the following pages of the book:

1) About Colectivo Aloardi
> Pag. 405: «(…) whose continuity was affected by the difficulty in finding proper financing sources «.

> Correction:
We are active in a self-managed and independent way from 1998 to the present, especially with our artistic residency programme, with the production of events in Peru and Europe, and with physical and online publications. (Read more information on our recent activities at

2) About the events: ‘Cho.Lo.Fi‘ and ‘Laberinto Sonoro’
> Pag. 391- 392: «DACP produced a series of events and different concerts, such as ¨Cho-Lo-Fi¨ (2001) (…). There were also concerts organized with Medios Nómades collective, such as ¨Sonic Labyrinth¨, (…) «

> Pag. 405: “Nomadic media ¨Medios Nomades¨ J. V. (…) Six weeks after the completion of Park-o-Bahn, another event with many participants took place. (…) «.

> Correction:
Cho.Lo.Fi‘ was an event organized and produced by Aloardi (at that time managed by Christian Galarreta and Gabriel Castillo) in two sessions (Sunday May 19 and Sunday May 26, 2002). For the realization of this event Aloardi was supported by DACP, artist friends, organizations and institutions, such as: TIM, Promej, Nomades Media, SONITEC and the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima. To see the documentation of this event, you can consult our archive at the following link:

‘Laberinto Sonoro’ was an event conceptualized by Sun Cok (Medios Nomades) and Sajjra Chrs Galarreta (Aloardi). Sun Cok and Galarreta devised the event as a composition in itself. After summoning other artists who help a lot in the production and promotion of the event, especially Angie Bonino. In 2003 Aloardi published a CD-Rom titled «Laberinto Sonoro» (Alo 015) with interactive content in which you can listen to the audio documentation of the event and see video and photo records. See link with documentation of the event:, see link with documentation of the publication: -sound-goes.


Aloardi Collective
Gabriel Castillo, Sajjra Chrs Galarreta and Janneke van der Putten