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Conferencia: Andean initiatives for the evolution of a planetarian techno-thought

Séminaire international L’Artiste, Le Citoyen, L’Entrepeneur, Hérimoncourt, 16 – 19 de Mayo, 1997

José-Carlos Mariátegui
César A. Zevallos Heudebert
ATA Perú

This work will describe how new ideas are also being developed in countries like Peru, searching for an artistic and scientific thought, despite of the economic crisis and the ignorance.  This work also will try to explain the need of cooperation among people to evolve as a planetarian society, as Arthur Koestler said.  Also, the need of a redefinition of the economic development in terms of Joseph A. Schumpeter, thanks to the entrepreneurship spirit, innovation and technology.

ATA (Alta tecnologia Andina- Aloft  Andean Technology ) was born as a initiative towards the re-evolution of a planetarian techno-thought. ATA want to enlight the peruvian society and the rest of the world with an authentic andean renewal global perspective in the use of new technology. Our project involves the creation of an art and science production worldwide networked center, auto sustainable, that we called “The Electronic Fortress” to congregate people with the same preoccupation about humanity and Peru.

In this world of rapid change with integrated communications and new media technology, our purpose is to wake up people as social activators in all fields of human activities, capable to promote and redefine economic and social auto development at men’s service with the reinforcement of democracy.